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Here are a few excerpts from some of the great reviews on my ebook, The Great Daylight Saving Time Controversy. See all the reviews at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y2R5KQ7

“… Through the use of extensive research (all backed by source references throughout), tables, illustrations, and some fine journalistic quips Chris walks us through the enigma of this controversial manipulation of mind and time. … Informative and even entertaining, this is the ‘bible’ for the topic of Daylight saving time.” Grady Harp, 1 May 2017

“Abundance of details, yet fun facts also included. Select the country or continent of choice. … information-rich 400 pages book … In every country on every continent, Antarctica included, setting a start and end date to a yearly daylight saving period turned out to be one of the most sensitive topics in politics.” Henk-Jan van der Klis, 1 July 2017

“An encyclopaedia of interesting research … This book is jam packed with research and unless it’s something you really want to study in depth at once, I personally preferred to dip in and out, there’s no way you can take all this information in during one read. Great job though an ideal point of reference.” H.Taylor, 12 May 2017

“… The book is a treasure of information about anyone that wants to learn more and dig deeper in the concept of daylight saving time. I was shocked to learn that something trivial like changing time every few months had to go through a turmoiled procedure.
The author magnificently presents the evolution stages of how it started, evolved and applied over the years. … It is a valuable source of information, and I really enjoyed reading it. Highly Recommended.” KM, 17 September 2017

DST book cover