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(originally published to Bubblews writing site, now gone)

There are of course no guarantees when it comes to something like avoiding cancer. But research has shown that you can reduce the risk of cancer by regularly eating fruit and vegetables. The best ones are those that are bright in color and to eat a good mixture of colors, including green, red, orange, yellow, purple and white. The less processed the food, the better. Whole grains, beans and nuts are good too. Also, go for lean meat or fish.

Less good are things like sugar, salt, certain fats, processed meat and large amounts of red meat. I remember reading a long time ago that the meat should only be a quarter of the meal. In some restaurants and households, it’s probably more like three-quarters or more.

Eating well can also reduce the likelihood of other illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes and hypertension, and conditions that can lead to illness, such as obesity and high blood pressure. Tobacco and large amounts of alcohol don’t do wonders either. An overall moderate lifestyle helps too.

Genes obviously play a role too. But if you are in a high risk category due to family history, you can still reduce the risk of cancer through good eating and lifestyle choices.