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My latest ebook, The Great Daylight Saving Time Controversy, has just been published by Australian eBook Publisher. It’s available at the various Amazon sites, Kobo, Apple and Google. See links below (Amazon links come up as images; the first one is the Australian site and the second one is the US site).

The book examines the origins of daylight saving, including the historical development of calendars, clocks, standard time, and the idea of changing the clock to give more daylight late in the day. It looks at the history of daylight saving in every country that has ever used the measure. It also analyses daylight saving in each state of the US, Australia and Brazil, and each Canadian province.

It features many intriguing and often prolonged battles between advocates and critics of daylight saving in countries around the world, as well as lighter moments. It highlights the determination of daylight saving time champions such as the UK’s William Willett, the US’s Robert Garland and Harley Staggers, New Zealand’s Thomas Sidey and Tasmania’s John Steer. It delves into the chaotic daylight saving situations that emerged, notably in the US and Canada, but also elsewhere. Every country and sometimes each state has a different and usually controversial story to tell.

See the contents page of the ebook below. Length is about 400 pages in Word/pdf format.

DST book cover



Part I: Origins of daylight saving time

1   Calendar chaos

2   Counting the hours

3   Benjamin Franklin’s humour

4   Railways impose their time

5   William Willett’s dream

Part II: Daylight saving in UK and Europe

6   Wartime imperatives

7   United Kingdom sticks with daylight saving

8   UK’s single double summer time saga

9   Western Europe well ahead of the sun

10  Mixed feelings in rest of Europe

Part III: Daylight saving in North America

11  United States adopts measure late

12  Daylight saving mayhem

13  What’s the time? You choose

14  National daylight saving again

15  Canadian clock chaos

16  Saving daylight in deserts and on tropical islands

Part IV: Daylight saving in Australia and NZ

17  Apple Isle leads the way

18  Southern states in and out of sync

19  Contentious in the Sunshine State

20  Daylight saving sets in the west

21  The long road to daylight saving across the ditch

Part V: Daylight saving in the rest of the world

22  Asian countries opting out

23  No longer popular in South America

24  Never favoured in Africa

25  Antarctica: Daylight saving without daylight

Future of daylight saving time


Appendix: Daylight saving by country and state by year