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Yesterday, an article appeared in The Conversation in Australia: ‘A flawed system delivered Trump victory – and now we brace ourselves for what’s next’. I wrote the following comment …

Yes, I think it was a flawed system that delivered Trump. It took 16 months to find someone that a minority of people voted for. If you win California or Florida or New York by one vote, you win the whole state. The system goes back to 1787 and is crazy in 2016.

Non-compulsory voting tends to bring out the right with their stronger views than those on the left, and also those with transport, the time and the physical mobility, which again tends to be those on the right.

The FBI is partly to blame, for bringing back the email saga and then once again deciding there isn’t a problem.

I think there is also a lack of education which sees people voting in a person with no idea about economics, budgets, climate change, government policy, or much else. It’s perhaps a cultural problem too. A lot of the thinking away from the east and west coasts is from the 19th century: Bible in one hand and gun in the other [or that’s the impression we often seem to get in Oz].

The polls got it right; people wanted Clinton. But the system gave them Trump. It’s anyone’s guess what will happen over the next four years as Trump is all over the place and doesn’t have a clue.

See https://theconversation.com/a-flawed-system-delivered-trump-victory-and-now-we-brace-ourselves-for-whats-next-69142?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Latest%20from%20The%20Conversation%20for%20November%2024%202016%20-%206151&utm_content=Latest%20from%20The%20Conversation%20for%20November%2024%202016%20-%206151+CID_8b701dfc28e82e3a56f52016c4d173fa&utm_source=campaign_monitor&utm_term=A%20flawed%20system%20delivered%20Trump%20victory%20%20and%20now%20we%20brace%20ourselves%20for%20whats%20next