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(originally published a couple of years ago to Bubblews writing site, now gone)

Anyone into family history? I’ve been researching mine on and off for a few years and am finding it quite interesting. I’ve gone back to the 1400s on a couple of lines on my father’s side and one on my mother’s side, as well as several lines back to the 1500s and 1600s on both sides. [I’ve possibly since tracked one line back to William the Conqueror.] 

One line on my father’s side were Huguenots from France, migrating to London in the 1600s to escape religious persecution. A line on my mother’s side also escaped religion persecution by moving from Germany to London around the same period, but London wasn’t taking refugees at the time and large groups were forwarded to Ireland! 

I haven’t stumbled across any royals as yet, but apparently just about anyone from Europe, including the UK, is related to royalty. Once you find one, it means you’re related to all the others because all the royals are related. [see above]

Records can be sketchy the further you go back and I’ve come across a lot of family trees on ancestry sites that go off in wrong directions due to 1 or 2 people in there that don’t actually belong. Many trees include royals, but I suspect that a lot of them can’t be proved.  

Some trees include a lot of the ancient royals and other famous people, including biblical characters, but again I suspect most are inaccurate somewhere along the line, mainly in getting from the commoners to the royals around the 1000s to the 1500s. One tree has various biblical characters right back to Noah and Adam and Eve and starts with God! 

During my research, I’ve found a number of third and fourth cousins and a sixth cousin who I communicate with.