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PaymentSurf is one of those paid to surf programs. Problem is it doesn’t seem to pay and seems to be a scam. The idea with these sort of sites is that you join up and proceed to surf through a large number of sites and get paid some small amount for surfing each one. Sometimes you need your own site; sometimes not. PaymentSurf doesn’t seem to require a site.

Paid to surf sites tend to attract affiliate marketers, who think they are going to get some leads and sign-ups for their site. But people belonging to paid to surf programs aren’t in it to check out offers made via the web pages of affiliate marketers. They are there to earn pennies by ploughing through scores if not hundreds of pages.

These sites used to attract website owners back in the days when putting your site though paid to surf sites was a good way to boost page views and therefore your search engine ranking. But Google and the others are awake to these schemes nowadays and probably won’t recognise hits through paid to surf.

Sometimes these sites are automated, meaning you just click to start the whole thing rolling and it just rolls though the pages, one at a time, with each page on the screen perhaps 20-60 seconds, while you go off and do something else. Other times, it’s manual and you have to keep clicking to get to the next page. These are often known as traffic exchange sites. Sometimes you have to pay a joining fee.

PaymentSurf (www.paymentsurf.com) has been around since 2012 and can be joined for free. It requires members to surf 240 sites a day for 35 cents, although you can upgrade at a cost of $15 each time and earn much more. Minimum payout is $40 and this is allegedly paid monthly via various payment processors or by check.

There are plenty of forum pages with comments on PaymentSurf and there is no evidence of anyone being paid and many people calling it a scam. A number of people state that they got to the $40 threshold and the system asked them to pay $15 to verify their account! One person says he tried to pay it but just went in circles. People have tried contacting admin but they don’t hear back. So it looks like PaymentSurf is good at taking money but not good at paying out. The only positive forum posts about this program are from affiliates advertising the thing.

You’ll find a number of reviews of PaymentSurf. These conclude that the site is a scam and words to the effect that the only genuine money making site on the web is such and such a site. These are usually affiliate marketers or the owner of that site and are simply writing a review of another site, PaymentSurf on this occasion, to try and attract people to their particular site which may be no better. So watch out for these too.