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My non-fiction book on Australian convict Thomas Pamphlett, Through the Eyes of Thomas Pamphlett: Convict and Castaway, which has been available as a printed book for a long time, has now been released as an ebook.

The ebook version is broadly the same as the printed book. I have made some minor updates, fixed a few typos and added three more illustrations for a total of 106 old photos, paintings, sketches and maps. The text is about 90,000 words. The ebook version has the same blue cover as the printed book.

The book follows the life and times of Australian convict Thomas Pamphlett from early industrial Manchester, UK, to colonial Australia where he served time at Sydney, Newcastle and Moreton Bay. He faced the courts four times and is best known for being lost in the Moreton Bay area in 1823, the year before Brisbane was founded. Pamphlett was rescued by explorer John Oxley and returned to Sydney but committed another crime and was sentenced, ironically, to seven years at the new Moreton Bay penal colony, which may never have been set up had he not spotted Oxley’s cutter in the bay off Bribie Island. Fellow-castaway John Finnegan showed Oxley the Brisbane River. Oxley was impressed and recommended a new colony to the governor. The colony of course became Brisbane.

The ebook is available at the following sites (usually the first 10% of so of the book can be previewed):

Amazon Australia

Amazon UK


Amazon US




Google Play  (often cheaper and you can view first 20%)https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Chris_Pearce_Through_the_Eyes_of_Thomas_Pamphlett?id=6uihBQAAQBAJ

You can also find me at Goodreads:

https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23675896-through-the-eyes-of-thomas-pamphlett (first 12% can be viewed here)

Chris Pearce